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1. Swedish Massage*

Designed to soothe tired, sore muscles and improve circulation. Using classic European techniques, our Swedish massage reduces tension and improves muscle tone, while easing aches and pains.
30 minutes  $60
60 minutes  $110
90 minutes  $150

2. Deep-Tissue Massage*

One of the most effective techniques for releasing tension and reducing pain. Our deep-tissue massage targets the muscles and tendons underlying surface muscles, therapeutically eliminating stress from the deepest areas of the body.
30 minutes  $80
60 minutes  $150
90 minutes  $190


3. Swedish Stone Combo Massage*

By combining Swedish therapy techniques with heated basalt stones, we’ve created a highly effective treatment for relaxing tense muscles, improving circulation and alleviating fatigue. The therapeutic warmth of the stones not only provides a more effective massage, it also helps foster a sense of wellbeing.
30 minutes  $70
60 minutes  $120
90 minutes  $160


4. Stone Aromatherapy Massage*

The ideal treatment for releasing tension from the body and mind. With the use of heated stones, a customized blend of essential oils is massaged into muscles to reduce stress, promote overall relaxation and restore emotional balance.
30 minutes  $70
60 minutes  $120
90 minutes  $160


5. Reflexology*

A rejuvenating massage that effectively relieves stress and assuages pain. By focusing on key pressure points, this technique stimulates the body’s nerve network to help improve circulation, bolster the immune system and restore internal balance.
30 minutes  $60
60 minutes  $110
90 minutes  $150

*By appointment only.